Morgan horses

The American Morgan Horse traces its ancestry to a single stallion, Figure, also called after his owner, Justin Morgan. The Morgan is a small, compact horse with a fine head, excellent endurance, and a people-oriented personality. Morgans come in bay, black, chestnut, gray, pinto, dun, cremello, palomino, buckskin--almost every color except roan (there is only one known roan in the breed, a gelding.)

Okay, that's the party line. Now to my horses:

Bildair's After Glow was foaled in 1985. In 1991 he won the Morgan Reserve World Championship in Western Pleasure. Dare is charming, opinionated, persnickety, and thinks he's King of the World. He's probably right.

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RRG Ultralash was foaled in 1996. She has shown in a couple of dressage schooling shows, but she'd much rather be a driving horse, and maybe one day we'll get there. "Maedchen" is a mare of strong opinions; she likes peppermints and small dogs and accepts homage as her due.

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