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The current edition Bloodstained Bookshelf is created and produced by Ashley McConnell (that would be me), and all questions concerning content of the forthcoming books list or technical details about the website should be directed to . The Bloodstained Bookshelf is the successor to the late lamented Bloodstained Bookshelf produced by Dave Robeson and published by Kate Derie, but neither Dave nor Kate have any responsibility for the list in this edition.


The new Bloodstained Bookshelf is a list of mystery fiction (and, very occasionally, nonfiction) recently or expected to be published in the United States. It is by no means complete, and additions or corrections are welcomed. I canít guarantee its accuracy, although I do my best to provide the best information available to me at the time. Decisions about whether a book should be included, the format of the listing, and the page presentation, are mine and mine alone.

The list is compiled from a number of print and online sources, both official and nonofficial. At this time, it is limited to professionally-published hardcover and paperback originals, with the occasional paperback reprint. I may decide to include audio books and/or e-books in future. I will not include ARCs or self-published works.

Reviews, blogs, convention announcements, and other information of interest to mystery readers are available in many places, including Dorothy-L, Reviewing the Evidence, and In Reference to Murder, to name only three well-known venues. The Bloodstained Bookshelf is simply a book list, and is not associated with any of the foregoing (well, I am a member of Dorothy-L, if that counts, but this list isn't).

The Bookshelf is strictly a labor of love provided as a service to mystery readers. I am not, as is obvious, a professional web designer; this is a bare-bones site (insert appropriate forensic puns here). I am not providing email notifications of site updates at this time. However, old dogs can sometimes learn new tricks, so hang in there (I will nobly refrain from comments about the suspense killing you). Meanwhile, I intend (road to hell notwithstanding) to update the site monthly.


The list is broken down by month. Within each month, the books are sorted alphabetically by author. The format is

Author [Lastname, firstname] - Title price publisher (reprint status) (series, if known)

If information has been inadvertantly omitted and you have the correct information, please let me know.

Disclaimers and Human Frailty

Bold face indicates a change from the previous month's list. This change may be a new title, a title moved, or a change in the existing information.

The dates of publication and the prices quoted are the publication dates and cover prices of the book to the best of my knowledge. I cannot guarantee that typos do not exist. Books are usually obtainable for less than cover price, but Iím not making any promisesóyour purchase price is between you and your seller, and I donít get a cut. Authors have been known to turn in books late, and publishers have been known to change their schedules.

The notation (r) after a listing indicates that as far as I can tell, it is a reprint. I could be wrong. Absence of an (r) does not mean that the listing is guaranteeds to be an original. There are no guarantees in life or this list.

This list is copyright 2009 Ashley McConnell. Commercial use of this list is forbidden without my express written permission.

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